What is Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms by people around the world. It’s why its perfect for businesses!

These tips will help you shape an effective Facebook Marketing Strategy!

     1. Set Goals!    

Do you want to increase brand awareness?  Increase sales?  Find new clients? 

Make sure to get specific with these goals and write them down!

2. Research your audience

Your audience is made up of ideal customers or clients for your business.

Dive into your Facebook analytics to find out more about them. Are they majority male or female? What other Facebook pages do they like?

Facebook audiences will tell you all of this and more! (found in your business manager)

3. Engage, engage, engage!

Facebook is built to create community and encourage conversations.

You need to be doing the same with your audience!

Post consistently, and interact with your followers!

4. Schedule your FB content ahead of time

This will save you time and headache. Facebook allows you to schedule posts directly in FB or you can use a third party service to automatically schedule and publish posts as well.

A few we recommend: Sendible Sprout Social Hootsuite Buffer

5. Decide if you want to spend money on Facebook Ads

A tip? We recommend the answer to this decision being YES! Facebook Ads work.

They allow you to get more reach and more interaction from you Facebook activity.

6. Use your team to amplify your message.

Do you have employees? Ask them to share, like, and comment on your businesses posts!

This helps amplify your message and creates a more personal connection.

7. Always look for ways to improve

How are you meeting your goals? What areas are you falling short in?

Constantly be evaluating your strategy and looking for ways to improve.

Facebook has an endless amount of options and services, so there is plenty of room to grow - no matter how active you are on FB!

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