How can I do Free Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is one of the greatest tools businesses have to promote themselves. Follow our tips!

Create your profile! This can be a FB page. We also recommend creating a FB group to go along with your page.

Maintain consistency with your brand presence. This means filling out all the details on your profile, and posting regularly!

Join FB groups to get involved in. FB Groups give you a great way to make connections and see what pain points people have.

Create your own FB group. We mentioned this earlier, but it needs its own point because it's so impactful! Groups are powerful for discussion and interaction.

List your events - are you doing any online webinars? Zoom meetings? List and post them on FB!

Automate your blogs posting to social media. This is called syndication, and it's a great way to automate. It saves you time and energy!

Ask your network to share your company’s blog posts. This will get your business more exposure on Facebook!

Reach out! Facebook is all about community. If you admire someone’s posts or company, comment and tell them!

Constantly build your community. Your potential customers are all liking, sharing and commenting on Facebook. Now it’s time for them to do that with your business!

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