Why Market on Facebook?

With over two billion users, Facebook is the place to be for businesses.

So, how do you succeed with Facebook marketing?

First things first, Get your business page up!

What do I do with my FB business page?

First impressions matter - Wow your customers by completing your profile to the fullest!

How often should I post on FB?

Post regularly! This keeps your customers engaged.

Should I be using Facebook stories?

YES! Turn your camera on! Use Facebook stories daily.

Does Facebook Business Manager matter?

Absolutely. Stay organized with Facebook Business Manager and access more FB options.

What about Facebook ads?

It pays to advertise! Reach more customers with regular ads and boosted posts.

What do I do with the FB tracking pixel?

Track everything! Use your FB pixel and get it installed on your website.

Make FB work for you. Use these items to set yourself up for success!

Expand your reach, talk to your customers, and develop your brand - all with FB marketing!