Whats a Facebook marketing checklist?

With social media use being at an all-time high among adults, small businesses need to have a well-fortified social media presence. A small business marketing plan can help small businesses gain customers and have their products or services advertised to a larger audience. One of the key social media sites small businesses should focus on in their small business online marketing plan is Facebook. There are two main steps that every small business online marketing plan should include. The first is setting and addressing the business goals. The second is proactively engaging in the target audience. Next, we will look at how creating goals is essential to a strong social media marketing strategy.

Posting Content Based On Goals

When developing marketing strategies for small business , one must always keep goals in mind. Since Facebook and other social media sites are often used to advertise for a small business, it is always essential to talk with business owners about their short-term and long-term goals. Keeping goals in mind often generate many marketing ideas for small business that they can utilize. If the small business has a goal to increase annual sales by 10%, one should post Facebook content that will help the small business achieve that goal. Content that promotes sales or highlights the benefits of a popular product is two good examples of content that is appropriate for this goal.

Audience Engagement

Another essential part to any small business marketing plan is audience engagement. Although advertising products and services are very important, it is also equally important to grow an audience and to keep them engaged. A very simple way that small businesses can engage with their audience is by following up on customers’ Facebook comments in a timely matter. While it seems like a simple gesture, customers appreciate it when a small business engages with them and responds to their ideas, questions, or concerns. Another key component of audience engagement is posting during a popular time. Even though Facebook algorithms make it difficult to find the perfect posting time, there are certain times and days of the week where audience engagement with Facebook is higher than average. Social media marketing experts recommend posting on Wednesday, as that is the most popular day of the week for social engagement. Sunday is the least active day for Facebook. Also, 9 a.m to 3 p.m. are the ideal times during the day to post. Early morning and late-night posts should be avoided, as people are not as active on Facebook during these times.