What should I post on my Facebook business page?

The amount of time you devote to your Facebook business page is significant if you want your small business online marketing to grow. If you created your Facebook business page a while ago and didn’t review it regularly, you are making big mistake, and you are also missing a meaningful way to grow your business. Having marketing strategies for small business in mind is also an essential aspect to consider regardless of your business goal. Whether your goal is to build awareness of your brand, engage with your customers or boost your sales, you still need to have a small business marketing plan to make your business successful. Posting irrelevant staff on your business page will lower your market by turning away even your prospective customers. Therefore you should consider what to post on your business page that will help you attract more customers, and here are some of the things to post:

Post a Problem and ask for an Advice

This is one of the best Facebook post ideas because many people love to answer questions and solve a problem. You may also ask a question that ends up helping them with a problem, and this will make them more active on your page. Some of the marketing ideas for small business you can use to post a question include what you would do and what advice you would offer to a person. After that then you can use the responses you have received from the questions you asked your audience and turn them into a blog post. This will provide you with ideas on what to share with your Facebook audience.

Post Live Videos

Small business online marketing requires a good strategy. Another good strategy that you can use is sharing live videos, as this will make your audience get engaged in talking. Facebook live videos usually take a higher percentage in interactions than other videos on the social media platform. Some of the things you can post in your live video include a product launch, product demos, or a contest.

Share Inspirational Images
This strategy has made most of the businesses operating online to be successful in attracting customers. The world nowadays is full of negativity, more so on social media. A platform such as Facebook. This means that many people need posts that encourage them; therefore, to attract more fans, you need to post motivational quotes on your page. This will help you attract more customers as almost everyone needs to be motivated in their daily lives.

What you post on your Facebook business page will determine the number of funs you get, and therefore you should choose what to post carefully.