What are the benefits of Facebook marketing?

Facebook has a new assignment. That assignment is to save our nation’s small businesses. Facebook has gone from just a way to connect with family and friends to be a powerful platform for marketing and advertising goods and services. Facebook is now needed to use its expertise to help small businesses develop and execute a small business online marketing plan. A plan such as this could infuse life into many small businesses just by using emails. The benefits of marketing using Facebook are too numerous to name, but the two most important ones are Facebook is cheap and it is viewed by millions.

Marketing ideas for small businesses are needed because we are in the middle of a national and global pandemic that has seen the demise of many of them. A small business as the name suggests is limited by its size usually to a specific place or customer base. Many small businesses because of covid-19 have been closed or declared unessential. To survive they must come up with ideas that will revamp them and help them reach a broader customer base even if they are working from home. A small business doesn’t often have a lot of money for marketing in its budget. Facebook offers free marketing ideas and some low-budget ways of marketing that won’t break a small business’ bank.

Along with marketing ideas Facebook is also sharing marketing strategies for a small business. It is almost impossible to find someone who does not have a Facebook page. Having that page is your first step in establishing a marketing strategy. Here are a few marketing strategies that can be used with Facebook.

Engage with your Facebook community: Look to see what the buzz is on Facebook. What are people talking about? If it can be connected to a service or product your business supplies reach out to them. Who are your friends? Reach out to them with news of your changes and your needs.

Say it with a picture: Post images, let people see what you do. Videos can also be posted and are considered a very effective way to market on Facebook.

Join a Facebook group: There is probably a group on Facebook for everything. If one doesn’t exist, make your own. Joining or creating a group will build your business and grow your influence.

A small business marketing plan helps provide structure and puts before the business owner the components of your plan and then shows you how to execute it.