With over two billion users, Facebook is the place to be. What started as an unassuming way to share photos is now a marketing essential for businesses around the world, including yours!

You might be thinking “is my audience even on Facebook? How do I even get started?” The good news is that we’re here to answer your questions.

Is your audience on Facebook? Most likely. With over two billion people using FB daily, it’s likely that some of those people are interested in what you have to offer.

So how do you get started? Good question. Follow our Facebook Marketing Checklist to learn the essentials, then keep learning with our free FB education group!

Getting Started on Facebook

If you are reading this blog post, chances are that you’ve been on Facebook at some point. You’ve seen the dazzling photos, and possibly even the snappy ads. Now it’s your turn to conquer!

Our Facebook Marketing Checklist is your launch pad for conquering Facebook marketing. Follow these steps to start reaching billions of people each day and fueling your business.

#1 ~ Get your page up!!

Your Facebook Business Page is the key starting point. To help your business stand out and add credibility, make sure to run your business from a designated page and not from a group or personal profile.

So what are you waiting for? Setup your page, add a great logo as your profile photo to get rolling!

#2 ~ Get found on Facebook

It’s said you only have 10 seconds to make a first impression. That applies to digital first impressions as well. Wow your customers by completing your profile to the fullest!

Take advantage of the many profile features Facebook offers. Add your phone number, address, business hours, website link, description of your products and more!

#3 ~ Talk to your customers

Continue the conversation with your customers by creating a Facebook group. Why have a group and a page? Groups are a less formal, user driven way to create conversations with your customers.

It puts the control in their hands!

Set up a Facebook group to bring everyone together, connect the group to your page for even more impact!

#4 ~ Talk To Them ~ Don’t Sell Them

A key part to being visible on Facebook? Posting regularly. This is how your business stays top of mind for your customers.

Engaging and interesting content is key to keeping your customers engaged. Start telling your story. Talk about what matters to them. Help answer their questions, provide the solution to their problems.

#5 ~ Turn the Camera ON!

Have you seen those little circles at the top of your Facebook? Those are called stories! They create another way for you to reach your customers!

Stories are an awesome way to provide behind the scenes, or more casual style content than your regular posts. Also, stories are viewed all the time by Facebook users!

Make sure to use these daily to get the most out of them!

Not sure what type of content to post here? Pay attention to what type of stories you like to see from businesses! Let that be your inspiration.

#6 ~ Get Organized

Facebook is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re looking for a way to manage your page, manage your ad account, manage freelancers, organize facebook data, and more… look no further than your FB Business Manager Account.

This is an essential part of Facebook marketing. It lets you truly dive into all that Facebook offers for marketing, analytics and advertising. All of this lets your business reach new customers and continue to grow!

Start your set up today —> Business.Facebook.com

#7 ~ It Pays To Advertise!

The fact is that your customers are most likely spending time on Facebook. So why not reach more of them? From acquiring new customers to building brand awareness, Facebook ads will help you grow.

Facebook gives you many different options to advertise. We recommend always running ads through your ad account and business manager. This gives you full control over your ads and spend.

So what are you waiting for? Launch your first ad today!

Not sure where to get started? Check out this how-to here.

#8 ~ Track Everything

The ominous Facebook tracking pixel. You might be thinking “I’m not a coder!” Not to worry, Facebook makes this tracking pixel very straightforward for any business owner.

The Facebook tracking pixel tracks all the data about your customers from your Facebook ads to your website. This gives you the ultimate insight into how your customers interact with your company. This also gives Facebook the ultimate insights to help show your ads to the right people.

First things first, head to your Facebook Events Manager and choose “pixels” from the dropdown. Next, select “create a pixel”. Then follow the steps from Facebook to finish up your tracking pixel!

Make Facebook work for you

The best part about Facebook Marketing? It’s a little bit like a la carte menu. The more you use, the better your dish will be. But! If you only want one item, you have the option to only take one item. This gives your business true flexibility in marketing.

We highly recommend utilizing all the a la carte options mentioned above. A key part of The Whole Game Approach to marketing is using every piece of the puzzle. The pieces of Facebook marketing are no different.

Combine them all, and your business will be sizzling!